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Black pink, into the stink, hold your fucking nose and drive it in deep.
Cold, mean, requiem for a scene, everybody knows the dream.
Dark, hard, ugly and scarred, perfect is a curse, til' it's prefectly flawed.
Rust, guns, hide from the sun, everybody knows the god.

Taking down the myth, ticking off the list.
Licking off the fist. Lovely... to the wrist.

Lights out, face in the grout, gnashing of the teeth till they're thoughly cowed.
Full speed straight fucking down.

No god. No damn. No lesson from the back of the hand.
No good. No more. Wisdom from the lips of a whore.
No god. No pain. No swallowing and walking the shame.
No shit. No time. To wait, taking what's mine.

Come release the chains.
Come and cease the ache.
Come and be replaced.
Hide your fucking face.
It's your blood, enjoy the taste.
You should have braced for this.

Cut down by a blizzard of lies
Fucked up by the severing ties.
Laid out by the tenderest strike.
Do what you like. Do what you like.
Torn out at the root by the tonge.
Tied down under blistering sun.
Trust test now you're stinging and stunned.
Do what you like. Do what you like.



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