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Pooled up here in restless gray
Colors rust in midnight rain
Watch them slide and fall into
An inkblot picture showing you
Forms emerge from disarray
Tie us here with edges frayed
Moving while the shadows play
Eyes that search then fade away

And I don’t want more of the same
When I move my piece, I’ll take the game
All the little pieces you throw away
When it all adds up, you’ll know my name

Peer in the corners, through all the locks
From outside, open up the box
Pooled up here in old decay
Eyes that search and look your way
From atop a pillar of rust
Time slows down and floats like dust
In the air I recognize
From inside it amplifies

Catch the word on the tip of your tongue
Waiting like a loaded gun
A bullet like a speeding train
Pulled on an unwinding chain
Falling fast, can’t see the way
Yet in each breath you’re wide awake
Moving past the tip of your tongue
The air that moves and fills your lungs



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